We are a 100% volunteer staff.  We need people in every department.  We need people to answer calls, and help with fund raising.  We need Junior Members ages 14 through 17 to join our Jr firefighter program. Training is free and can lead to a career in firefighting or as an EMT with an ambulance service.

You can support us by donations or attending one of our many events.  To get a member application email laurelfirecompanyofwindsor@aol.com or call (717) 244-8184. Click HERE to download an application.

Volunteers comprise 73% of firefighters in the United States.     Of the total estimated 1,096,250 volunteer and paid firefighters across the country, 800,050 are volunteer

Communities served by volunteer firefighters depend on them to be their first line of defense for many types of emergencies.     Volunteer firefighters are summoned to a wide array of emergencies across the country every day including fires, emergency medical incidents, terrorist events, natural disasters, hazardous materials incidents, water rescue emergencies, high-angle and confined space emergencies, and other general public service calls. The public relies on the volunteer emergency services to be their first line of defense in these emergencies. Volunteers spend an enormous amount of time training to prepare for these emergencies.

The majority of fire departments in the United States are volunteer. Of the total 30,542 fire departments in the country, 21,671 are all volunteer; 5,271 are mostly volunteer; 1,582 are mostly career; and 2,018 are all career.

Services contributed by volunteer firefighters save localities across the country an estimated $37.2 billion per year.

The number of Volunteer Firefighters in the United States has declined more than 10% since 1983.

Fire department call volumes continue to increase
Most fire departments across the country have experienced a steady increase inc alls over the past decade. This is a major source of the increased time demands on Volunteer Firefighters. The increase in calls, coupled with the decline in the number of Volunteer Firefighters, means that fire departments have to do more with less. Most of the increase is attributed to a sharp increase in the number of emergency medical calls and false alarms. The number of fire calls has actually declined over the period.

Small and mid-sized communities rely heavily on volunteer firefighters
Small communities (those with populations under 10,000) across the United States are typically protected by all volunteer departments. In some cases, however, these communities have hired a few paid firefighters to assist. Mid-sized communities (those with populations above 10,000) are typically served by combination volunteer and paid departments. Large communities (those with populations over 100,000) are most often protected by combination volunteer and paid departments that consist of primarily paid staff. There are very few purely paid fire departments in the United States, but those that exist are primarily found in very urban areas.

The cost to train and equip a firefighter is approximately $7,400.

Below are average expenses associated with firefighting:
Protective Clothing: $ 2,000
Self-contained Breathing Apparatus: $4,500

Firefighter I-II:  $500
Emergency Medical Technician - Basic: $300
Hazardous Materials Awareness: $100
Emergency Vehicle Operator: $100
TOTAL: $ 7,400

Firefighting and emergency medical equipment is very expensive.
The cost of firefighting equipment is listed below. Equipment can range in cost depending on features and specifications.
Fire pumper: $150,000 - $400,000
Ladder truck: $400,000 - $750,000
Ambulance: $80,000 - $150,000
Advanced life support medical equipment: $10,000 - $30,000

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Our firehouse is aviable for dinners, wedding receptions, parties and other events. Please check our "Hall Rentals" page for more info.

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